Hello Precious Reader...I am Clare Henry

Born in beautiful Surrey, England to parents who were married for fifty happy years...I have lived an exciting life in so many ways!


Possibly as a result of my very spiritual nature through DNA and the hours of devotion spent in the Convent whilst growing up although not a Catholic, I have encountered many unusual experiences with Angels, ghosts, premonitions and visions.  I am convinced there are other worlds veiled to us earthlings and for good reason.


Whilst growing up, the sharing of these beautiful encounters with the spirit world always fell on deaf ears, forcing me to retreat into my own private world where my sacred experiences were for my eyes and ears only...filling me with intrigue and comfort throughout my years on the planet. Like many dear souls, I have always believed that there was more to this University of life than we had been brought up to believe!

The year prior to my starting University to study art and English I met the British photographer and film director, Terence Donovan, thus beginning an amazing journey around the world - discovering new cultures and drinking in the beauty of the planet all while being dressed in incredible clothes by the likes of Christian Dior, Hardy Amies, Yuki, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci and Bruce Oldfield, to name a few.  I met people from all walks of society.  

After retiring from a successful career modeling followed by several years of acting I focused my creative energy into the world of Interior Design in London, often having my work featured in the famous "House and Garden" magazine and hardback.  I settled into a full life of marriage and raising 3 beautiful children.  It was during my pregnancies that I began experiencing problems with my spine resulting in chronic back problems and serious  life-threatening health issues.  In 1993 I experienced the first incorrect diagnosis of many...and throughout the following 22 years I was in and out of hospitals with operation after operation, wheel chairs and major pain.  I wouldn't allow the difficult years of ill health to affect my joy of being a wonderful mother and wife at any cost.


I believe we call in all our life issues, to teach us what we return to earth to learn each and every lifetime. We clean up the muddy diamond within us. 

The journey is hard and often long, but the results and gifts received in Heaven when we finally 'go home' are beyond words.

After more misdiagnosis, I was found to have a life threatening tumor in 2008.  At that point, I threw in the towel and "surrendered".  Enough was enough and I was ready to go "home".  I no longer had the strength to endure any more battles with my body!   Unknown to me and my doctors, it was not my time.  The spirit world was watching over me and my precious children and 'They' had other plans for me.  Miraculously, I began to recover slowly with loving support of my incredible three children and a few dear friends, meditation, prayer, ancient Tibetan chanting, yoga, healthy diet and a strong unbreakable belief in God, Heaven and the Angels.

In 2010, on a journey to Egypt, I had an unforgettable experience in the "Valley of the Kings", at the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt... it changed my life irrevocably.

Today I am stronger and healthy even though I still exhibit an ongoing tremor. The Angels continue to remind me of my strength, determination and their 24/7 guidance and love in my life, but also show me that balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of the human body, mind and soul is imperative in order to heal completely.

My spiritual beliefs are stronger than ever today as the veil has lightly lifted for me as I travel the path of life. 

Life has taken on a new meaning...allowing me to be a public speaker, show host, writer and producer on Gaiam TV with my husband William Henry, presenter on the Revelations Radio Show on 'Unknown country.com", Reiki master, spiritual tour leader, artist, and author of two books.


I am now an avid seeker of the truth in all things that are sacred, whether it be studying churches and temples around the world or reading the ancient texts, exploring or sitting in the stllness of my stillness and finding peace in the outdoors with nature, the essense of the earth, music, the arts and yoga.  

A lover of life and all living things, embracing every special moment each day, I acknowledge that we sometimes forget to notice how wondrous this planet is as our day unfolds before us and we evolve within that graceful process... 

Feel Blessed in this beautiful world!  The gift is yours.

May you all complete the journey that you came back to earth to achieve...with grace and love and gentleness in your hearts.



Clare Henry ~


Clare Henry



Artist ~ Reiki Master ~ Tour Leader

Show Host on 'Revelations' ~ Unknown Country.com

Writer/Producer of 'Arcanum' for Gaiam TV

'Young Living' Oil Representative

Cathedral Rock ~ Sedona, Arizona

The Temple of Karnak ~ Egypt

The Temple of Abydos ~ Egypt


The Step Pyramid

The Temple of Philae ~ Egypt


William and Clare Henry at The Carter House ~  Egypt

Entrance of The Great Pyramid ~ Egypt

                              Clare and William Henry

standing at the original entrance of The Great Pyramid, Egypt 2014.